Qimi Chalet

Qimi Chalet offers the experience of a lifetime on a paradise island.

Kapas is a dreamy little island in the turquoise waters of the South China Sea, off the east coast of Malaysia. Qimi Chalet offers the idyllic experience of living on a desert island, in the calm and tranquility of a beautiful bay with the luxury of your own chalet, nestling on the white beach or on stilts amongst the tropical trees lining the bay, and all overlooking the sea. You can go to sleep to the vibrant sounds of the jungle and wake up to the gentle sound of the lapping sea.

Qimi Chalet is owned and run by Rose and Nolly and their ever attentive staff, who do their utmost to make every guest’s stay an unforgettable holiday, from the comfort of the chalets to their delicious home-cooked food.

Snorkeling through the coral and soaking up the sun are the simplest of pleasures, but scuba diving and fishing excursions can be easily arranged. The thick jungle covering the entire island can also be explored along a variety of paths where the many species of birds, squirrels and monitor lizards can be observed. At night friendly fruit bats scour the canopy of trees that shelter the resort.

Qimi Chalet is located on the Island Cotton is one of the chalets were the main attraction for tourists to stay. By offering a variety of accommodation packages as well as stunning sea views and amazing enough 1000 will give meaning to those who come to visit here.

Among the services offered to tourists are: -
  • snorkeling 
  • Scuba driving 
  • Jungle tracking
  • Around the island by boat
  • Kayaking and many more

Accommodation is in individual wooden chalets, all right on the beach, and some nestling in the trees on stilts. It is a memorable experience to live so close to nature, but in the comfort and cleanliness of the rooms at Qimi Chalet.

VIP Kemboja Chalet
1 night–RM300, 2 nights–RM250 (per night), 3 nights–RM200 (per night)
Fully furnished chalet with queen size bed, air conditioning and ceiling fan,inside bathroom with bathtub as well as an open air shower and a sea view balcony.

Executive Rose 1 + Rose 2
RM130 per room
Each room includes a queen size bed, open air bathroom, ceiling fan and a sea view balcony.

Tree House Orchid Chalet
RM130 per night
This chalet includes a queen size bed, fan, mosquito net, open air bathroom overlooking the sea and a sea view balcony.

Hibuscus Chalet / Bourgnvilla Chalet
RM150 per night
Chalet includes one queen size bed + single bed, open air bathroom, ceiling fan and a sea view balcony.

Nibong and Tembesu Chalet
RM100 per night
Both chalets includes queen size bed, ceiling fan, mosquito net, bathroom and garden view terrace.

Bamboo Chalet
RM80 per night
Chalet includes queen size bed, ceiling fan, mosquito net, bathroom and garden view terrace.

There is also a restaurant that provides a variety of food and a resting place to relax while sipping fresh air.

To feel pleasure in the Cotton Island, why you chose as the location of accommodation Chalet Qimi you and your family. Identify promising moments sweet and memorable.
Contact :
For more information or to reserve a Chalet please contact Rose or Noli:

Tel: 019-6481714 or (+60) 196481714

E-mail: qimichalet@yahoo.com

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